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Improving Your Business With Cloud

Growing Your Business involves reducing costs, increasing profits, increasing productivity, reducing taxes and reducing operating costs.

Written by: Matthew Parton

Published: 2017/01/04

If your a start up or a growing business then reading this article can really benefit you. Here we explain the problems that businesses face everyday with financial decisions and how Cloud solutions provided by Intelligenics can increase your profits and reduce your operating costs by resolving these issues easily and cost effectively.  Here we'll show you the typical problems that businesses face, the decisions you may have made already or may be thinking of in the future and how our solutions for very little cost can solve those problems quickly and effectively. 

The Problem

Data Security

Securing your information is ever more important today with the advent of Ransomware and malware always around. Its important that your business protects your data all the time. You also have a legal obligation to protect your customer data too. As a small business may be you do nightly or weekly backups to your data, is it encrypted? What happens if your back up drive was stolen? Is that data still safe? 

Capital Expenditure

If your considering purchasing hardware or software to use in your business, you may want to reconsider. This will cost your business capital outlay and can be very expensive, it will get out of date with time and will require regular maintenance, unless you have a large I.T team of course. As a new or existing business you really do not need to do this and can offset your costs massively compared to the typical CAPEX model of business purchases. 

Increase Productivity

Having the tools to do your job faster more efficiently is critical to doing business, financial planning, producting documents and staying connected so you and your team can work with your customers and you can do business, is ever more important today, if you are to remain competitive, ensuring your team have the tools to work faster every day is critical. 

Working anywhere on any device

Can your staff work anywhere on any device all the time? Does your software or your network allow this? We all work in the mobile digital world today so allowing your staff to work from home or at work is a real benefit and will reduce your operating costs, as your premises can be smaller whilst allowing your staff to be productive.  Many new businesses today operate hot desks and allow staff to work remotely part of the week. Can your business do this?

Reaching Customers Anywhere

In today's digital age treating your business as a local business will limit your growth. You need to be able to talk and reach customers anywhere in the world without the travelling costs and expenses. You need to be able to present and show customers how you do business with the ability to conduct meetings and arrange meetings in High Definition Video.  

Document Security and Management

Documents run your business, they can be financial information, business plans, operating manuals the list goes on, all carrying a business need or legal obligation to maintain them. Ensuring that information is easily available all the time and accessable only to those that need to see it, is more important than ever. Further tracking document updates and modifications so that information has an audit trail is also needed. Can you systems do this?

The Solution - Office 365

Office 365 is the most Cost Effective Small Business Solution that any new or existing business can undertake.
  • No Capital Expenditure - As you pay for Office 365 as a subscription this becomes an operating cost that you account for in your expenses not as assets as you normally would with hardware and software. This means your corporation tax will be reduced. 
  • Reduced Operating Costs - As Microsoft manage all the hardware and software, including updates and maintenance, you dont have any operating costs to worry about or hardware to maintain. For a small business this is essential
  • Grow As You Grow - Instead of paying for heavy upfront fees, you just add subscriptions and remove subscriptions as you need keeping your business lean and you in control all the time. 
  • Reduced Business Risks - Your data is always stored in the cloud using Onedrive or SharePoint so you can be assured that if your business had a fire or a flood, your office can be up and running in minutes.
  • Enterprise Class Email Protection - All your email are antivirus, malware scanned and spam filtered all the time, so you wont get any nasty surprises. This is a constantly updated process by Microsoft that captures existing and newer threats as they arrive.
  • Communication - No more geographical boundaries for your business, talk with your customers or your staff online easily. Arrange online meetings anywhere in the world, anytime on any device with Skype For Business HD Video and Voice. Easily arrange Skype meetings from your online calendar or Outlook.
  • Work Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device - You are not restricted to your workplace when using Office 365, you can download all the standard apps Word, Outlook, PowerPoint onto your Android, Apple and Desktop devices and access your data from the Cloud anytime, anywhere. No more having to connect to the office directly as you run from the Cloud.
  • Data Back Up - All your data is backed up in the cloud across multiple Microsoft data centres all around the world, resilience is built in as standard. This means duplicate copies of your data are always available should a disaster occur.
  • Document Management/Team Collaboration - Working in teams could not be easier with SharePoint document sharing, allowing customised security of folders and lists, intranet web pages, document folders, business workflows and notifications all providing excellent team communication.
  • Intelligenics Support - With our extended support which goes beyond the Microsoft standard Break Fix protection your team get the support and help they need when needed to answer Office 365 questions and resolve any technical issues.