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Avonstar Trading are a supplier of quality metal goods and services to a range of customers. There customers include City Councils, Education Departments and the automotive industry.  As part of the internal business they use email systems to send information between customers and staff. There existing system was managed by an external organisation.  The companies main problem was on many occasions a staff member was having to resolve issues with the email server. This meant the team was unable to respond to customer queries or other internal communications. As a result they were loosing both sales and time. At a critical point in the business their server completely failed for a whole weekend and caused a large amount of disruption to the team.


Avonstar came to intelligenics and asked them to help provide a new email system that was resilient to failure and provided additional productivity services. At the same time the company wanted all there existing emails moved into the new system.


The solution was simple, we provided Avonstar with Office 365 Business Premium licences which give the company both cloud based email and the familiar Microsoft Office desktop experience.  Intelligenics also helped migrate all the email from there existing legacy system into the exchange online servers. This was completed over the weekend without any disruption to their teams. As a result the following Monday morning with minimal support, the company was able to start work straight away and able to access a full host of other features. 


The systems have virtually no downtime any more and all there email is fully managed and secure in the cloud. They are also able to perform additional work within there teams and managed all the documents using SharePoint online