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Whitehall brings the finest artwork from around the world to art lovers entering their many galleries situated throughout the UK. Working with many artists, Whitewall provide unique websites for each of their artists, to let them boast their talents and help promote and sell their art. As Whitewall do not provide their own in house development team they needed the support of a software development company that they could work with and collaborate with on the many web systems they provide.



Whitewall came to Intelligenics to invite them to build a website for one of their prominent artists Sherree Valentine Daines. They wanted a website that was both adaptive to mobile, tablet and desktop experiences and able to work across a range of devices. At the same time, they wanted the solutions hosted within their own existing infrastructure.  They wanted this delivered within a 3-month deadline ready for the artist's many venues due to be promoted in the new year.



With long term experience in developing unique web based solutions intelligenics were able to provide Whitewall with a complete hosted solution that was built on top of Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC technology. This was complemented by a fully enabled content editing experience provided by Umbraco. This allowed both Whitewall's own Marketing and Graphics design teams the ability to make changes to the site content and imagery as needed. 

Intelligenics not only built and tested the solution but also help configure the Hosting and Database solutions which were hosted within Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers providing both resilience and fail-over, two important requirements for the business



As a result of Intelligenics work, Whitewall have been able to fully outsource their web development functions to an outsource software company and move their current internal hosted websites onto Microsoft Cloud reducing business risks and dependencies