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Dynamics 365 Onsite Training

We help your teams to be productive with onsite training to get you started

Providing the software will give you the tools you need but your staff need to know how to use the product. We provide onsite training in ready made class rooms or on your premises.  Our trainers will tailor make training around Dynamics 365 over 1 or several days to suit you needs.


Course Material

We put together course material that is tailored to your needs. We can run courses across 1 to 5 days depending on your business requirements and ultimately your training objectives. 


Classroom Facilities

We can hire ready made training locations throughout the country near to your business or utilise rooms in your building to delivery training to your teams. 

Flexible Pricing

We don't charge a fixed price per student, our pricing is based on the number of attendees up to a maximum number of students per classroom. This more attendees in the class room your price is reduced.