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Let your business grow organically with the power of Search

Drive natural traffic to your website every day

Increasing your visibility to search engines can have a profound effect on your bottom line. This is not just some white elephant that many companies tell you they can do. Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy that if approached correctly can delivery real benefits to your business. 

When we design a website for our customers we always ensure all the standard SEO features are provided. However this is only as good as the content and keywords you use. Search engine optimisation requires long term research and analysis of specific keywords in your sector that you want to appear high up on search engine rankings for. 

Our Approach

Our approach is the same across all our digital marketing channels, our first objective is to ensure you have an effective Digital Marketing Strategy in place before we do anything else.  Search engine optimisation requires long term planning around specific keywords in your industry that will also fit in with your Pay Per Click campaigns. Having a plan allows our team to research and analyse specific keywords in you sector along with location and other relevant factors. Just because a competitor appears high in the Search rankings is not always a benefit. Many customers search for business by location so having keywords targeting you local area can see you reach higher than them. 

Black Hat/White Hat and Link Juice

There are many business out there that say they can get you to no 1 ranked on google Search engine result pages (SERPs). A lot of these are black hat methods. There is no silver bullet to get you to top of the search engine pages for you chosen keywords. The only way to do this is with good content and spreading your word. Many companies say they can but they do this by putting your website links on various comment sites, news sites and other directories. Google has updated its algorithms recently to counter this and in some cases will actually ban your site. So taking this risk could be really bad for your business.